Ordering Funeral Flowers


What Do I Order?

There are a few answers to this question!

  • If you are the immediate family ordering the main pieces, there really is no right or wrong answer.
    The traditional pieces are the following: Casket Spray (lays on top of the casket), Standing Spray (stands beside the casket on an easel) or Floral Wreath around an urn. A few other common options are a Tribute or Vase arrangements. It is completely up to you, if your loved one was a simple person who did not like flowers – a beautiful vase arrangement is a great option. If they loved gardening and colours, then multiple brightly coloured arrangements would be a perfect fit. Each person is different, and we wish to represent their unique personality in the arrangements we send out.
  • If you are a relative and wishing to send something the traditional options are a Standing Spray, a Tribute or a Vase Arrangement, or a Plant for a family member to take home after the service is finished.
  • If you are a friend or coworker/business etc, the common pieces to send would be a Tribute, Vase Arrangement or Plant. These are often the pieces family members will take home with them, so they are nice gestures if you are sending your sympathies to a friend, coworker or client. ​

How Do I Order?

Simply come into our shop to speak with us one on one, or give us a call. If you are ordering a main piece we do ask that you come in so we can hear your ideas and show you our examples, but if needed we will gladly help over the phone!

I Have A Special Keepsake, Can You Include It In The Arrangement?

Yes! We will try and find a way to incorporate any keepsake you wish into your arrangement. If it is meaningful to you, we will gladly include it.

Can We Put Single Flowers Into The Casket?

Of course, we will provide as many single flowers you need. The traditional is roses, however you can use whichever flower you like. We will include bows, filler flowers, greenery – whatever you need and want.

Do You Deliver?

We will deliver your funeral pieces, once you order them it is in good hands with us – we will call the funeral home to arrange a delivery time with them to ensure that they are delivered on time. If your service is being held in a church or other building, we will still arrange a time with the funeral home that is providing the services.

What Do I Put On The Card?

There is no guideline for the card message. You can put as much or as little as you feel comfortable with.

What Do We Do With The Flowers After The Service?

There are many options for the flowers after your service.
If you wish to keep the flowers from the casket spray, or standing spray – but do not want to have such large pieces in your home, we offer a service where we will make smaller arrangements out of the flowers from the casket & standing sprays. This way you can have the exact flowers that were used, only in a keepsake container. We only charge the cost of the container plus a small labour fee. Those who have done this before were able to give arrangements to various family members as a gift and they were so grateful for them. The flowers can then be dried and kept, and you can keep the container as a something special as well.

Other Options:

  • If the funeral is being held in a season where you are able to follow with a burial, many people will carry the casket spray & standing spray to the burial site to lay over top… You may do the same with any other fresh flower arrangements sent to you from friends, family or others.
  • You may donate the flowers. Many families will donate the flowers to a church, Retirement home or hospital.

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