Past Events

Mistletoe & Mimosas

We made “mistletoe” balls out of a mix of winter greenery, decorated with beautiful accessories and bows all while sipping morning mimosas.

A few customers even left with two pieces so they could give one as a gift

.Intended to be used as Christmas decor, we were pleasantly surprised to find out that these pieces lasted long after Christmas.

Tea Party

We made adorable rose centrepieces in keepsake tea cup containers all while enjoying baked goods and tea!

We taught our customers the basics of centrepiece making, as well as tips and tricks on rose care and arranging.

Everyone had the creative freedom on colour selection and positioning of flowers, and it was great to see everyones unique vision with the same project!


This time our customers left with beautiful baskets filled with live plants, and fresh cut flowers.

We taught them tips on how to plant tropicals, and how to incorporate fresh flowers to make their baskets unique and take them to the next level.

Each basket was completely different from the next, showcasing everyones unique personality!

Summer Wreaths

This workshop was our biggest yet!

We taught our customers how to make their very own dried flower wreaths using eucalyptus, limonium, thistle, babies breath and even some roses!

We learned different techniques to drying flowers, the “best” flowers for drying and even bow making.

It was great to see everyone confidently making their own wreaths!

Pumpkin Centrepieces

We had a fun time at this work shop showing the group how to make a unique and easy thanksgiving center piece. We allowed the group to have full creative control with the flowers they chose, to match their own personal styles.

We had two full groups for this work shop and each session was full of laughter, creativity and fun!

Boxwood Trees

In this Christmas workshop, we made our own mini Christmas trees out of foam, boxwood an mixed winter greenery! We showed the group how to make the basic tree shape, and allowed creative freedom for adding flowers and accents!

Lots of fun was had while sipping wine, eating gingerbread cookies and listening to festive music!

Fall Centrepieces

This was our first workshop back after Covid – we did back to back evenings to make sure we had a spot for everyone! We made beautiful fall centerpieces using fresh and dried florals, the class was about using both dried and fresh as well as the differences between focal, line and filler florals! Everyones arrangements looked beautiful and totally different! Happy Thanksgiving!